PPG Smoke U Float
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  • PPG Smoke U Float
  • PPG Smoke U Float
  • PPG Smoke U Float

PPG Smoke U Float

The PPG Smoke U Float is an industry-first cost-effective dual inflation system, split & sealed bladder design for paramotor, paragliding, SIV, and hang gliding pilots who fly over water.

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ooted in how your paramotor floats when unforeseen circumstances occur and utilizing genuine abrasion-resistant Cordura® fabric with a 10 point Velcro® mounting system - it installs in minutes and can add up to 300N of buoyancy in the advent of a water landing. A reusable design allows for easy repacking and recharging after a freshwater or saltwater incident.

Our evolved design incorporates tapered bladders. While inflated, the PPG Smoke U Float is distinctly larger at the top, like a V, allowing for the bulk of volumetric displacement to be distributed where it matters most, behind your head.


How It Works
Designed for a range of possible flight applications across paramotor, paragliding, and hang gliding it's easily adaptable to a variety of installation scenarios. During a water landing, “bobbins” can dissolve releasing a puncture needle into the CO2 cartridge, inflating the bladder, and creating buoyancy.

Floatation is created by two individual (1x left, 1x right) bladders capable of a combined inflation capacity up to 300N of displacement. More than twice the size of an adult life jacket. Alternatively, each bladder can be manually inflated in two ways. An oral inflation tube on each unit (left and right) and a manual inflation pull-string.


Installation scenarios vary by application. The U Float System is suitable for use on most paramotor frames and includes 10 attachment points for various configurations. It’s universal enough to adapt to various frame widths or even harness shoulder straps. Mounting should be clear of obstruction, reserve routing, easily accessible in an emergency, and the bladder must be puncture free. It's subtle in design, and seamingly disappears until you need it.


Dual 33g Co2 inflation system
An industry first in this shape, with redundancy where it counts most. The left and right bladders are separate heat-welded chambers. This split design adds a significant degree of comfort in what can be an uncomfortable situation, leaving ample room for the pilot's head.


New bladder material
Complementary to our two-piece float system, we chose a variant material that allows for a little bit more flexibility in its application. With the addition of the tapered bladder, the way the system packs and deploys was a huge consideration. 


Weight-shift or fixed-arms
Rather than designing for a specific use case, we’re introducing a slightly narrower overall width. Similar designs rely on a larger overall width and frame-based attachment that moves the entire system lower vertically, obstructing weight-shift systems.


Super nuts
We took a close look at the inflation system itself. By implementing a larger overall radiused nut and setting torque specs on the factory line, we’ve improved the way Co2 exits the cartridge into the bladder.