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Safety notice frontcontainer DROP - regarding all sizes

During our regular quality control, it was found on the DROP frontcontainer that the connection line leading to

the rescue handle did not have the required seam strength. Our internal limit is 70DaN, which was undershot during

quality control.

Experience has shown that the lower strength of the seam in connection with the construction excludes tearing

off during the opening process, but we as the manufacturer feel responsible for publishing this incident and taking

further measures:

In order to rule out any safety risk, the DROP frontcontainer may only be used again after an

additional fixing seam has been attached.

This seam can be applied at a skywalk authorized check center or skywalk directly. Please contact your

dealer or importer for a quick revision. Alternatively, we can send you a revised rescue handle within the

next two weeks.

Please contact your skywalk dealer, importer or skywalk directly (

Your skywalk Team

The full Safety Notice can be viewed here