Compressbag Tube

Compressbag Tube

The COMPRESSBAG TUBE combines the advantages of a sausage bag with those of a COMPRESSBAG. Cell on cell packing remains simple, and profile shape and glider life is likewise protected. After closing and folding the Tube the volume is compressed by a long zip. The result: a neatly stowed glider – with a smaller volume than when packed in a regular inner bag.

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When the COMPRESSBAG TUBE is spread out and the glider laid on top, while the pilot still has the harness lying on the ground, the risers can be transferred directly from the carabiners to the EASY CONNECT rings; so that they can be similarly reconnected to the carabiners before the next flight. Caution: this needs a disciplined routine! We strongly advise less experienced pilots not to do this.


Practical carry handle.


Anti snagging slider.


Neoprene openings top and bottom.


All the way round zipper


Window pocket


Netting fabric