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Vissta - The new harness from Flow

Special offer on our first few harnesses

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VISSTA was designed to be a robust, light, and comfortable open harness with excellent feel in the air. It provides an outstanding flying experience as well as freedom of movement to perform all the flying manoeuvrers with excellence. It is suitable especially for beginners and XC pilots looking a comfortable open harness.

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It comes up with an integrated reserve container, colour coded karabiners, colour coded leg loops clips and colour coded chest strap clips and a large foam protector. Its weight is low, and the small packed volume makes it a compact all-round harness with excellent bag support and back protection.

The back protector of Logo Pro is generously dimensioned, thus providing optimum safety without constraining the pilot’s movements.

The centre chest can be easily adjusted (distance between karabiners) in flight to tune the feedback and feel of the glider, according to the pilot’s preference.


  • Extremely comfortable


  • Semi-light weight 3,7kg (size M)


  • Straps can be easily adjustable while in flight


  • Integrated rescue parachute container


  • Deployment bag with release handle


  • Interchangeable, sturdy PVC undersurface


  • Colour-coordinated leg and chest clips


  • Large, easily accessible pocket


  • Friction-reduced accelerator cord


  • Very light, form-fitting synthetic seat board


  • Easily accessible storage space


  • Magnet holder for speed bar

Limited Time Introductory Price!!!!