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Advance Pi 3

Light Versatility

For years the PI series has offered the best Hike & Fly package in terms
of lightness in combination with a lot of performance and a definite fun
factor. Originally conceived as a product to fulfil a specific demand, the PI
series has become an established feature of our wing selection.
The “Light Versatility” motto will carry even higher significance in this third
generation: there are two additional 21 and 25 sizes for the PI 3, and it is
even lighter and more compact.

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Compared with its predecessor...

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Individual Uses

Depending on the wing loading the PI 3 fulfils the widest variety of pilot requirements. In the normal wing loading area of around 3.5 kg/m2 it is ideal for thermaling; from 4 kg/m2 the PI makes the perfect Hike & Fly wing and at 4.5 kg /m2 and up we have a real action wing. The additional 21 and 25 sizes now enable every pilot to decide on exactly the PI 3 forone of three purposes: «Thermal» «Hike & Fly» or «Mini Wing».

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Pilot Requirements

Add paragraph text here.Higher wing loadings mean more demanding flight characteristics and handling. Small wings are basically more agile and demanding to fly, even when they are flown at normal wing loadings. Loading recommendations for Beginner, Recreational pilot and Expert are given in the table. A new feature is the fact that
the PI 3 19 remains EN/LTF Bcertified over its entire weight range.

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Technical Specifications

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And of course...colours!

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