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Rise 4 - New Movie - The Wow Effect!


· Air Design,Rise 4,New Glider

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Our buddies at Air Design don't just sit back and admire the amazing gliders that they produce but they go out and fly them (when there isn't a global pandemic like COVID-19!). Here is the latest film from Air Design showcasing the new high EN B offering which is being referred to in some circles as the thermal monkey! It’s a cracking film to watch when most of us are sat on our sofas only dreaming about flying.

Air Design RIse 4 #thermalmonkey

We now have about 10 hours on our demo Rise 4 and we can confirm its a dream to fly. Ridge soaring recently on our home site on Koh Larn there was a moment or two when we forgot there was a glider above us. If you want more details about pricing and availability, then drop us a message or click on the product link below. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletters to keep up to date with all the latest developments from Air Design as well as the other brands we have available.

Designers comments....

paragliding designer stephan stieglar

“For every AD wing, we use a claim and a hashtag. For the Rise 4, we chose The Wow Effect and the #thermalmonkey. We really had this moment on the first flight. We were just amazed by the simplicity of the wing. Everything is just simple. And at same time it’s a performance monster. The glider is simply perfect!”


Stephan Stiegler