Anti Torque Lamels
  • Anti Torque Lamels
  • Anti Torque Lamels
  • Anti Torque Lamels

Anti Torque Lamels

PPG Smoke dynamic torque lamels provide 10 to 15 NM (newton metre) of offset force within the range of common flight speeds. They attach easily to your existing net using zip ties. Capable of fitting Air Conception, MiniPlane, Blackhawk and nearly any net on the market with a 50-55mm horizontal spacing.
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The kit includes 30 lamels, 15 counterclockwise and 15 clockwise. This enables pilots to offset based on characteristics like wing size, average forward speed in flight and RPM range in level flight or climb out. Simply add or remove lamels from your net and test until you achieve the desired offset in torque. At 75% less than the cost of existing products on the market, production units will be injection molded with 1mm lightweight glass fiber filled nylon. An extremely durable, non-breakable injection molded process that's also recyclable.


  1. Confirm the direction your prop rotates
  2. Install lamels evenly spaced by zip tying the front edge and side edge to your net nearest the outside edge of your hoop. Be sure they are symmetrically positioned.
  3. Test 10 to 15 lamels by flying, adding and removing as needed


    • 15 counterclockwise lamels
    • 15 clockwise lamels
    • Zip ties