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Say Hello to the New EN C Flow Fusion

New EN C glider from 'Down Under'

Flow Paragliders of Australia are about to certify their new EN C offering the FUSION. We at Glide Asia managed to squeeze some small details out of Felipe at Flow who is the designer, the logistics manager, VP of marketing and pretty much everything at Flow. Here is what we found out about the exciting new wing from the the new (ish) kids on the block.

A breakthrough glider in terms of technology for the class as we are using a hybrid 3-2 liner configuration and innovative riser system. AR is 6.35. We will send a newsletter to our dealers once the glider is ready and certified. So far we very close to finalise the final version but we prefer to keep some information confidential as some variations can happen during certification. We spent a lot of time refining the handling and now are happy in how the glider flies in thermals and especially the glider authority while flying on bar. The connection glider x pilot is second to none with the new risers. Only experienced in 2-lines before. We are also pretty excited about its performance too as a combination of all the technical details is reflecting in true performance. Construction is Porcher Skytex 32g, semi-lightweight. M size weights 4.4kgs


-Felipe Rezende - Flow Paragliders Australia

Flow Fusion EN C Paraglider Australia Thailand Tandem