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Air Design Rise 3 Demo now available!

Come give it a try before you buy... :-)

RISE. The name says it all. The third generation of our high-end B wing follows the seamless virtues of its predecessor – top performance, combined with comfort in flight.

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The new RISE3 is completely new from the ground up. A great amount of development in design evolved from the HERO (our new ultra-light high-performance wing) and is also geared for top performance in the high B category.


• Improved performance of around half a glide-angle number compared to its predecessor.
• More top-end speed, comparable with higher classed wings.
• Perfectly balanced. A pitch neutral flying characteristic ensures perfect gliding in all kinds of conditions. Performance and comfort in challenging conditions is exceptional.
• More stability. Allowing you to achieve more with less stress.
• Dynamic handling. The RISE3 exhibits agile and responsive turning characteristics, immediately following the pilot inputs.
• Glider weight. By creating a lightweight construction in combination with durable materials, we were able to create a light glider that offers excellent product longevity.

Key Construction Highlights

New Generation Airfoil: Design cues taken from the HERO provide excellent performance, stability, climbing in thermals, high top-end speed and an overall comfortable flying characteristic.

Winglet design: We’ve introduced a winglet profile shape to the tips – similar to modern airplanes. By applying this design feature, it enlarges the projected aspect ratio, improves performance and enhances directional stability.
Inner Construction: The internal construction has been newly concepted and optimized. This supports weight reduction and increases positive flying characteristics. It is widely known that internal design construction has a large part to play in the overall characteristics of the glider.

Lightweight construction with durable materials
Stabilo Winglets
Vortex Holes
Race Lines
Performance Risers
C-Control System
50/50 lightweight Inner bag

In Flight

From your initial launch, you’ll notice that everything feels simpler, sharper and cleaner. The RISE3 reacts directly to pilot input. The agile handling makes it easy to stay in every thermal. At same time the wing dampens turbulence effortlessly. The well balanced flying behaviour transfers into comfort in flight. The high stability makes flying stress-free, allowing the pilot to remain relaxed and achieve more.
Under acceleration, the RISE3 shows its racing genes. The surroundings blur. The top speed is astoundingly high for its class. Collapse behaviour is according to class, nevertheless, the glider is forgiving and easy to control. Rapid height-loss manoeuvres such as B-stalls, spirals and big-ears are performed normally.

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